A Cup of Divine Love

O Mankind,

The day of Deliverance has come, let us all, hand in hand, return to The original path, the path that leads us to our Lord, our real Creator i.e Allah SWT. The only salvation for mankind today is to return to Him.

Every human being possesses an inherent instinct deep rooted in his heart to love his Creator and yearn to find Him. This is because in the realm of the soul, man has known and recognized Allah SWT. However, sometimes this longing does not materialised because of the hindrance of "Iblis". However, there are those who attempted to find God with various methods in order to love Him. Amongst these is to search for God in poems, dancing, paintings, in nature, or taking what is necessary and then disappear into the hills and mountains in retreat or devoting oneself to society. But such desires and dreams will never be fulfilled and even if they feel that they have found God in such things but in reality such are mere trickeries of "Iblis". This is because the path to Allah SWT is only found in His religion.

O mankind who lives in this 15th Century Hijrah let us come together towards Allah SWT and His Love. Know that Allah SWT loves us more than our parents love us. Allah SWT has created us as human being i.e. the most honorable of creatures and then made us into the best of forms and equipped us with the five (5) senses and capability as well as natural instinctive desires.

This World has been adorned and equipped with every bounty and amenity so that we can carry our life with comfort and content.

In order to fulfill the yearning of humankind to find Allah SWT and His Love, Allah SWT has sent Prophets and Messengers to introduce Him to humankind and to be aware of who He is, the Essence which is worthy of worship and love as well as to show the way to Him. Indeed with this Allah SWT has also saved us from the trickery of "Iblis".

Such are the favours that Allah SWT has given to us because of His Love for us. Should anyone do any favours for us like lending a helping hand we will feel grateful to them and always remember and love them. Wherever we meet them we shall respect them on account of their help. Therefore is it befitting for us to forget the Essence that has always been so kind with us and has loved us most ? No, surely not.

As such let us begin to take our first step towards Allah SWT in order to obtain His Divine Love.

For this purpose we shall be traveling far and wide to every nook and corner of the world inviting people to the path of Allah SWT. Hopefully by this we human beings can quench our thirst from the Cup of His Divine Love.