Hadith by Abu Huraira:

The Prophet (PBUH) said, "There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its cure.".

HIV/ Aids is a reminder from Allah SWT to all mankind so we would come to repentance. It is the only way for HIV/AIDS to be cured.


-Shahruddin Jamaluddin- After I was informed that the process does not involve any charm or magic spell or whatever means which is in contradiction with the religion, I agreed to be cured. On 10 September 2003, a man came to my place where I was bed-ridden. When I saw him and his two companions as they entered the door i felt so peaceful and I was certain that he could help me.

That man asked me to repent and not repeat my old habit or else i will suffer worst. He also advised me not to neglect the prayer ( sholat ), not to go againts the command of Allah and to do good thing and be thankful. " At that time I was so attentive to hear his advice although I was so weak in bed. After he made duas (prayer), I feel so peaceful and three days later he came again to my place and brought me to perform ' Sholat taubat ' (prayer of repentance) in congregation." " After the prayer, I was so excited and confident that with the Will of Allah I will be recovered. Before this I was so weak to the extent that I could not wake up or stand, but after the 'treatment' I was able to walk by myself including to the toilet," he said.

After the 'treatment', Shahruddin claimed that his body was so light and he does not seriously think about his disease. "That night, for the first time I could sleep soundly after 5 years of suffering and unsound sleep. I am so peaceful and calm, thanks Allah." "Next morning i begin to walk and push the wheelchair. In the past I was bed-ridden, wearing disposable napkin, because I could not walk."

" After the 'treatment' I was able to go to toilet, the trace of urine mixed with blood has gone. My eye which was yellow has turned white. My appetite was getting better, so I asked my mother and father to bring along various kind of food such fish and fruits," he said. Beside that, after one week, the tubes which were installed on his body were removed and he could walk and manage himself. The medical treatment was reduced because he could get fever everytime new treatment was made. After two weeks, on his own accord he was discharged from hospital and was back home welcomed by his family and neighbour.

Taken from 'Berita Minggu' dated 21 December 2003, entitle "PESAKIT AIDS 'PULIH' SEMULA".

International Testimonial

XX.XX.XXXX. Khalifah Mokhooa - Durban South Africa

I am Khalifah Mokhooa from Inanda, Durban, South Africa. I was tested and confirmed as HIV positive. Since the my health was becoming worse. Although I take medication prescribed by doctor my health does not improve but getting worse.

I could hardly get up from bed for almost a year. I always pray to Allah SWT for help. At last Allah SWT has answered my prayer by sending on 25th April 2004 a group of brothers in Islam from Malaysia to my house. They rendered dua to Allah SWT for my health. That night I felt well and I could sleep soundly after a year of suffering.

Next day I could no longer feel pain in my body. Praise be to Allah I am well now. I am very thankful to the brothers from Malaysia for their assistance in making dua for me. I want the world to know that there is now hope for AIDS sufferers.

Now I fully believe that dua (prayer) can do a miracle as happen to me and that dua is the only salvation for AIDS sufferers. I want the world to know this.