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Yang Mulia Tuan Guru Haji Ghulam Hassan Ali-Akbar Al Haj Al-Ghaus Al-Bikangi RA

Yang Mulia Tuan Guru Haji Ghulam Hassan Ali-Akbar Al Haj Al-Ghaus Al-Bikangi RA was born in 1920 in a village west of Pakistan known as Dara Hazarah. He started fasting daily since the age of 7 except during days which it is forbidden to fast, and this would go on for 30 years. He would always perform his salah at the mosque in congregation even when he was unwell. He loved to read the Quran and “berzikir”. He started the iktikaf when he was 8 and he was not fond of playing with other children of his peers. He enjoyed being by himself by the river and meditating in remembrance of Allah SWT greatness. He would complete the recitation of the Quran on daily basis, having started after Fajr prayer and completing after Isya’. He was fond of “iktikaf/uzlah” in a quiet and segregated location such as in caves, jungles and in the desert. When he came to Lahad Datu, Sabah in 1938, he would continue his “iktikaf/uzlah”, and Gua Madai, Lahad Datu, Sabah is one of the places where he would carry out the uzlah.

In his lifetime, other than Sabah, he would continue his dakwah in countries such as the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Pakistan. Wherever he was present, crowds from all walks of life regardless of race and religions would seek an audience with him for advice and cure of all illness. With Allah SWT’s will all strange illness and problems were successfully overcome. All were because of Allah SWT’s will and as a person close to Allah his prayers were granted.

We would always deliver his dakwah on the truth of Islamic teachings in peace and with love and compassion.

Yang Mulia Tuan Guru Haji Ghulam Hassan passed away on 1 Rejab 1411 (16 January1991) at the age of 71 and he was laid to rest in Kampung Bikang, leaving behind invaluable legacy that are his teachings and practices which will be inherited and practiced until the day of final judgement. His teachings and practices shall be the light that enters the hearts of not only all believers but shall brighten the entire universe. These teachings and practices are based on the Ahli Sunnah Waljamaah beliefs which are based in love and mercy. Such is the Yang Mulia Tuan Guru Haji Ghulam Hassan’s personal traits where he is blessed with Ithaar which means that he would put others well being ahead of his. His life is filled with this exceptional behavioural traits.

Yang Mulia Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Rahim Al-Hassaniyyah

Yang Mulia Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Rahim Al-Hassaniyyah is the direct disciple of Yang Mulia Tuan Guru Haji Ghulam Hassan Ali-Akbar Al Haj Al-Ghaus Al-Bikangi RA (YMTG RA) to carry on the duties of YMTG RA to lead all mankind back to Allah SWT based on Al-Quran and As-Sunnah so that all mankind, especially in the 15th century Hijrah shall be safe in this world and in the hereafter. He is the principal bearer of YMTG RA teachings and practices to lead mankind to know Allah SWT through YMTG Haji Abdul Rahim AlHassaniyyah’s Thariqat AlHassaniyyah which is based on YMTG RA’s name. He has authored the following books i.e. Agama Allah Rahmat & Penyelamat Umat Manusia, Allah’s Religion the Blessings and Saviour for entire Worlds, At Thariqilallah, Ajaran & Amalan YMTG RA, Tasawwuf, Munaqib Riwayat YMTG RA andMunaqib Keramat YMTG RA.

He was born in Semporna, Sabah and when he was young he was brought by his grandfather to meet YMTG Haji Ghulam Hassan RA. He studied law at ITM, Shah Alam and upon graduation he had served in several districts in Sabah including Kota Kinabalu. However, due to his keenness to acquire in depth knowledge in Allah SWT’s religion and to be closer to Allah SWT, he had left his position as a lawyer in order to be close to YMTG RA and to gain direct guidance from YMTG Haji Ghulam Hassan RA. As such he was able to fully focus his attention towards YMTG RA teachings in dakwah in Sabah and overseas.

During his lifetime, he would advise and preach the people wherever he went. He narrated his advice in a gentle manner and this left lasting impressions on his audience. All these were done only for the sake of Allah SWT and his Prophet Muhammad SAW. As told in YMTG’s Life of History book, people would listen to his advice fondly whenever he went to Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore. He was so respected in every place he went to and people conferred him with honorifics titles:

1. “Haji Muda” in Sabah as he was always youthful looking especially in the morning.
2. “Tuan Aulia” in the Philippines as there were various extraordinary events while he was in the country
3. Tuan Bikang in honour of his residence in Kampung Bikang, Lahad Datu

Symbol of Striving

From the beginning of the British rule, Masjid Tuan Guru in Lahad Datu has become a symbol of YMTG RA’s struggle in Sabah. YMTG RA has always perform his obligatory prayers and Friday prayer in this mosque.

Masjid Lahad Datu has witnessed a number of events – such as removal and demolition – to name a few which then lead to deliberation with Majlis Ugama Islam Sabah (MUIS). All praise to the Almighty that until today, the original structure of the mosque and the original board that contains the instruction and advise written by YMTG is still very well preserved.

One of YMTG RA’s instructions is not to collect money in the mosque. This instruction is very clear and money collection in the mosque is strictly prohibited and it is also the law of Allah SWT. Although we may see some mosques collecting money from the congregation, there is a wisdom behind Allah’s prohibition – worldly affairs is restricted in the mosque in which should be a place solely for worshipping.

There are many wisdoms that is left unexplained, and it is the responsibility of the scholars and ulama to deliver this wisdom to the society so people would understand the restriction better and start to apply the same rules to all mosque like how YMTG did.


1. To make it cognizant and to make a realization that Prophet Muhammad SAW is the blessing to mankind and the entire worlds
2. Allah SWT will raise among the pious to rule the world with love and compassion for all mankind and the entire worlds
3. To ensure Islam prevails above all religions and Islam becomes religion of the world


Ya Allah, the lord of the universe, forgive our sins and guide us so all mankind so we would be safe in this life and hereafter
Ya Allah, our lord, who created us, give us taufik so we would do good
Ya Allah, our lord, guide the Non-believers to Islam, expand our provision, heal the sick, ease the trouble of those who are suffering, those who are lost astray , return them to the right path, to the one that is full of your blessing.
May all mankind in this world is safe in this life and hereafter.